Healthy Eating Healthy Living Pack

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Welcome to Healthy Eating Healthy Living, a training pack designed to encourage healthy eating as a way of life for people with learning disabilities.

The pack provides all the materials needed to run a course on Healthy Eating Healthy Living and teaches participants the knowledge and skills required to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

People with learning disabilities should be able to access healthy eating and healthy living. The aim of this pack is to encourage people to feel confident in accessing mainstream health programmes in their local community. This pack provides a step towards this goal.

Please note: The pack below was last updated in 2018. Future updates are being led by the Scottish Learning Disability Dietetic Clinical Network.

About this pack…


This pack has been specifically structured to enable staff to deliver a systematic programme that will have a broader impact on general food and nutrition issues which are important for people with learning disabilities. The sessions are designed to be inclusive of people with a wide range of learning disabilities and can be run weekly or more frequently to suit the needs of the group.

The development of the pack, led by dieticians in the Glasgow Learning Disability Partnership (GLDP) in partnership with day service and health staff, users and carers, was funded initially by Health Promotion Health Service (NHS Health Scotland) and local NHS funding. The Scottish Government provided further funding to pilot methods of providing healthy living messages that were accessible to people with learning disabilities.

Resources from the Scottish Government Healthy Living Pack were used as the educational basis and the topics were extended to include the more specific health needs of people with learning disabilities taken from the Health Needs Assessment Report (NHS Health Scotland 2004). The core focus is healthy eating and exercise awareness.

This training pack received the COSLA Gold Award in the ‘Tackling Inequalities Improving Health’ category which is sponsored by Health Scotland.

The pack was provided with minor updates in 2018, to reflect changes to food and health information. This was led by NHS Health Scotland and supported by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Fife, NHS Tayside and The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD).

Future updates will be led by the Scottish Learning Disability Dietetic Clinical Network.

Before you Begin

Short overview of the learning outcomes the Healthy Eating, Healthy Living Pack aims to meet

Short preparation checklist for Healthy Eating, Healthy Living Pack

Background guidance for trainers

Course questionnaire for participants

Course questionnaire for course leader

Things to consider – cultural awareness

How to evaluate your course (use before and after the course)

Evaluation 1 – What I Eat

Evaluation 2 – My Knowledge

Evaluation 3 – My Knowledge (picture version)

Eatwell Guide

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Sugar – Background Information

Sugar – Session 1

Sugar – ‘Taste and Try’ Activity Sheet (page 60 – 61)

‘Foods with Sugar’ – PowerPoint

Sugar – Session 2

Sugar – Session 3 

Sugar – Scones Recipe (page 42 – 44)

Sugar – Session 4 

Sugar – Quiz (page 55)

Boardmaker Pictures – sore tooth – overweight (pages 57 -58)

Sugar – photos

Sugar Certificate

Cook’s Rules (page 62 -63)

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Food Labelling


Food Labelling – Background Information

Food Labelling – Session 1

Food Labelling – Traffic Lights

Food Labelling Certificate

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Fruit and Vegetables


Fruit and Veg – Background Information

Fruit and Veg – Session 1

Fruit and Veg – Session 2

Fruit and Veg – Smoothie Recipe

Fruit and Veg – Session 3

Fruit and Veg – Session 4

Fruit and Veg – Carrot & Coriander Soup Recipe (page 109 – 117)

Fruit and Veg – Pizza Recipe (page 109 – 117)

Fruit and Veg – Baked Apple Recipe (page 109 – 117)

Fruit and Veg – Session 5

Fruit and Veg – Boardmaker Pictures (page 131 – 136)

Fruit and Veg – Pictures for bingo (page 143 – 147)

Fruit and Veg – Bingo Cards (page 137 – 142)

Fruit and Veg – Photos

Cook’s Rules (page 148 – 149)

Fun with fruit and veg – quiz (page 127 – 129)

Fruit and Veg Certificate

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Fat – Background Information

Fat – Session 1

Fat – ‘Taste and Try’ Activity (page 192 – 193)

Foods with fat – PowerPoint

Fat – Session 2

Fat – Session 3

Fat – Session 3 – Fruity Bacon Recipe (page 173 – 175)

Fat – Session 3 – Fish and Chips Recipe (page 176 – 178)

Fat – Session 4

Fat – Photos

Fat – Boardmaker Pictures (page 189 – 191)

Cook’s Rules (page 194 – 195)

Fat – Quiz (page 184 – 187)

Fat Certificate

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Fibre – Background Information

Fibre – Session 1

Fibre – ‘Taste and Try’ Activity (page 238 – 239)

Fibre – Boardmaker Pictures (page 235 – 237)

Fibre – Session 2

Fibre – Session 3

Fibre – Session 3 – Bread Recipe (page 228 – 231)

Fibre – Session 4

Fibre – Photos

Fibre – Quiz (page 232 – 233)

Fibre  – ‘The Journey of Food through the Body’ – PowerPoint

Cook’s Rules (page 240 – 241)

Fibre Certificate

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Salt – Background Information

Salt – Session 1

Salt – ‘Taste and Try’ Activity (page 277 – 278)

Salt – Session 2

Salt – Session 3

Salt – Macaroni Cheese Recipe (page 267 – 269)

Salt – Photos

Salt – Boardmaker Pictures (page 272 – 276)

Salt – Quiz (page 270)

Session 3 – Cook’s Rules (page 279 – 280)

Salt Certificate

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Healthy Bones


Healthy Bones – Background Information

Healthy Bones – Session 1

Healthy Bones – ‘Taste and Try’ Activity

Healthy Bones – Boardmaker Pictures – broken leg (page 294)

Healthy Bones – PowerPoint Presentation

Healthy Bones Certificate

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Other Materials

Course Completion Certificate

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