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Navigating a complex legislative landscape – our position

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The legislative landscape in Scotland is becoming increasingly complex, but also ever more relevant to the daily lives of people with learning disabilities. It is important for the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) to set out our position as a human rights defender organisation. Today we have published a Position Statement to explore the context of the …

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SCLD and Project Ability present our ‘Summer Series’ of art

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Earlier this year SCLD commissioned nine Project Ability artists to create a range of icons and illustrations which represented what human rights meant to them. Some of the artwork was initially displayed as a ‘human rights mural’ to mark Scottish Learning Disability Week 2022 and its human rights theme. We also wanted to use the artwork to update the SCLD website …

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The One Where We Spoke to the Minister About Our Human Rights!

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Aaron Hume, a member of SCLD’s Learning Disability and Human Rights Lived Experience Board writes about the Board’s recent meeting with Christina McKelvie MSP and the importance of being heard when it comes to human rights… “Recently the SCLD Human Rights Lived Experience Board had the pleasure of having Minister for Equalities and Older People, Christina McKelvie MSP, come along …

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Supporting people with learning disabilities in Ukraine

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Nearly four months into the war in Ukraine, and reports are coming out of the country describing the terrible hardship faced by people with learning disabilities and their families.  The Coalition for the Protection of Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities has written a report called 100 days, describing what the war has been like for people with learning disabilities …

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Are social housing allocation processes accessible for people with learning disabilities?

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Housing is an important issue for many people with a learning disability. It can be difficult to find the right kind of home, with the right amenities, adaptations and community, as well as ensuring that an individual has the right support at home, whether they are living independently, receiving support, or living in supported accommodation. For people with learning disabilities, …

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The Right to be Heard! Making rights real with the Human Rights Bill Lived Experience Board 

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The Learning Disability and Human Rights Bill Lived Experience Board brings together a diverse group of people with learning disabilities to inform the new Human Rights Bill for Scotland.  We are about to publish the first report from SCLD’s Lived Experience Board. The report will cover the first two blocks of the Board’s meetings, demonstrating the valuable input from the …

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Introducing SCLD’s new Digital Transformation Programme Lead… meet Chloe!

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Who am I? Hello, my name is Chloe Goodall, and I’m delighted to join the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) team as the Digital Transformation Programme Lead. I have worked with non-profit organisations as a volunteer or staff for over 15 years, with a focus on education, learning, equality and human rights. I am also a mentor for …

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“How’s Life?” is always an important question for people with learning disabilities

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SCLD team member Andy Miller reflects on the 2019 national survey of people with learning disabilities in Scotland, “How’s Life?” and considers the upheaval of the past few years… We’ve all just completed the census, the national survey of all households in Scotland. The previous one was eleven years ago (usually it’s ten, but Covid), the same year a tsunami …

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The power of the Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS) programme

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Sophie Pilgrim is Director of Kindred, a voluntary organisation that each year supports over 700 families of children and young people with complex needs. In a guest blog she shares her experience of the Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS) programme…  From the moment I heard about E-PAtS from the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities, I felt that …

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Bridging the digital gap: What the pandemic taught us

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Today (Thursday 19th May) is Global Accessibility Awareness Day – the purpose of this day is get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion. The adoption of digital technologies has been so rapid, that much of our daily lives now take place online, with everything from banking to shopping, to dating and making friends now done in …