Tackling Hate Crime

Sadly, Hate Crime continues to be an important issue for people with learning disabilities in Scotland. Research has shown that people with disabilities are almost twice as likely to be victims of violence as non-disabled adults.

People with learning disabilities tell us that hate crime and other forms of harassment are common occurrences in their daily lives.

The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) is committed to promoting the wellbeing of people with learning disabilities and consider ourselves to have a safeguarding role in support of this aim. Encouraging the reporting and prevention of hate crime is an important part of this.

Report a Hate Crime

SCLD is a Third Party Reporting Centre (TPRC) for hate crime.

This means that if you think a hate crime has been committed against you or someone you know or support, SCLD can help you report this to the police.

Find out more about how you can report a Hate Crime.

For more information on what we are doing to help people to identify and report hate crime please read:

Our Hate Crime Reporting Procedure


Hate Crime and Third Party Reporting Centres Report

Hate Crime and Third Party Reporting Centres: A mapping and scoping exercise

Hate Crime and Third Party Reporting Centres Easy Read version

To find out more about the mapping and scoping exercise, please contact Lorne Berkley by calling 0141 248 3733 or by emailing Lorne.B@scld.co.uk


Other resources

How to Guide on Hate Crime Projects (funded by the Scottish Government’s The Keys to life Development Fund)

Download our Easy Read and Professionals Guide to discussing and identifying hate crime.

You can view all of SCLD’s resources on our Reports & Publications page.