Our Future Leaders

Inspiring Scotland and the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) have teamed up to create a leadership course for people with learning disabilities. It is called Our Future Leaders.

The course is designed to help participants develop the skills and tools to make the choices that are going to help them live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

This is what the course covers:

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Personal Leadership
  • You as a Leader
  • Introduction to charity finances
  • Managing stress
  • Social media
  • Activism and campaigning
Our Future Leaders
Inspiring Scotland

What course graduates say

Watch this video and see the difference that the course has made to some of the participants:

Apply now

If you would like to apply for the next course, please contact

Marion (marion.s@scld.co.uk)

Elaine (elaine@inspiringscotland.org.uk)


John Paul Moffat holding his certificate of graduation

In their own words

‘It’s been really cool. I’ve taken away how to be a leader, and a teacher.’


‘It’s given me confidence to take responsibility’


‘It’s going to help me mentor the next lot of trainers at The Usual Place’


‘It’s sharpened up a lot of the skills I already have’


    Find out more

    Our Future Leaders will cover the skills, attributes, and self-understanding that people need in their present life and in the future.

    Over the longer term this will develop skills within the community of people with learning disabilities that will ensure they are, together, empowered to participate as equal and valued citizens with the full range of rights that other citizens enjoy.

    The course will be delivered on Zoom by external trainers selected by Inspiring Scotland and SCLD.

    You can read more about the course in the documents below:

    Our Future Leaders Easy Read Information

    Our Future Leaders Flyer

    What is a sponsor?

    A sponsor is a vital part of this course. All participants must have a sponsor to support them through the course.

    You can read about Our Future Leaders sponsors here:

    Easy Read Sponsor Information

    Sponsor Flyer