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Who we are

At the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) we’re committed to finding new and better ways to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

SCLD aims to be a knowledge hub – offering support, information and new ideas about learning disability in Scotland. We work to put Scotland’s learning disability strategy, The keys to life, into practice.

Our team do this by:

Promoting engagement and dialogue with

  • People with learning disabilities and carers
  • Professionals, policy officials and service providers

Leading innovation and collaboration in:

  • Service design and delivery
  • Practice, support and advocacy

Building and disseminating evidence about:

  • Lived experiences of people with learning disabilities
  • What works to drive better outcomes

Our Board of trustees is drawn from people across the whole population with a wide range of relevant experience and expertise.

We are:


  • Facilitating dialogue and debate between stakeholders
  • Working with, but at arms length from, other stakeholders
  • Creating enquiring spaces to discuss complex and challenging issues
  • Trusted as an honest broker and critical friend


  • Influencing social norms and perceptions of learning disability
  • Focusing on change, improvement and innovation
  • Promoting positive change in the lives of people with learning disabilities
  • Encouraging and supporting sector leaders

Value adding

  • Assisting the Scottish Government in the delivery of policy
  • Building capacity and expertise
  • Identifying practical solutions
  • Sharing knowledge, evidence and ideas

Find out more about SCLD by watching our short video below: