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Restraint Reduction Scotland

Restraint Reduction Scotland (RRS) is led by a core group of stakeholders, including professionals and family carers, who have lived experience, expertise and a shared commitment to working towards the reduction of restrictive practices. RRS works collaboratively with families and professionals across health and social care, education and criminal justice services, for all adults and children who are at risk of restrictive practices.

Our vision is of a Scotland where the highest quality support, protection, education and health is delivered through services that are safe, respectful, and promote a culture of dignity and equality for all. A Scotland which respects and protects everyone’s human rights, including those who need support, and is committed to the elimination of the misuse of restrictive practices.

Download the Restraint Reduction Scotland Vision & Approach.

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RRS’s aim is to eliminate the misuse of restrictive practices in Scotland and to ensure that where these are used, they are done so safely, with respect for people’s human rights, and in a culture of openness and transparency.

RRS works in partnership with the UK Restraint Reduction Network (RRN).

RRS works closely with the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Community of Practice for Scotland.

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If you would like to become a member of RRS, please complete the online membership form or email us at rrs@scld.co.uk.

Information & resources

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