Stand with us and be part of the change

Working in partnership with SCLD means playing a crucial role in shaping Scotland for people with learning disabilities, by influencing the development of policy, practice, and legislation.

Bespoke partnerships

At SCLD, we understand that each corporate supporter is unique. Our corporate partnerships are bespoke agreements, formed from conversations about your specific goals. Be it meeting corporate responsibility milestones or enhancing brand visibility, we will work with you to create a tailored partnership that gets results.

What does a partnership with SCLD achieve:

Empower People: Together we can ensure people with learning disabilities have increased confidence in what they can achieve.

Inform Services: Your support can drive best practice for practitioners and service providers, resulting in delivery of improved services informed by human rights standards, data, and evidence.

Influence Change: Your partnership directly contributes to ensuring people with learning disabilities are involved in shaping policy to include their human rights, needs and aspirations.

How can you support us?

Partnerships can include:

  • Charity of the year
  • Fundraising challenges
  • Sponsorship
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Payroll giving
  • Donating
  • Gift in kind
  • Volunteering

Your funding can be targeted to specific areas of our work or contribute to our strategic objectives.  Contact Kelly Kolatowicz, Head of Business Development at or 0141 248 3733 to explore partnership opportunities.

Together, we can create a world where everyone can live a life filled with dignity equality and love. Your support matters!