Help to report a hate crime

The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) is a Third Party Reporting Centre (TPRC) for hate crime.

This means that if you think a hate crime has been committed against you or someone you know or support, SCLD can help you report this to the police.

What are Third Party Reporting Centres (TSPCs)? 

Hate crime is known to disproportionately affect people with learning disabilities and it is also known to be significantly underreported. People do not always feel comfortable reporting hate crimes directly to the Police.

To overcome this, Police Scotland work in partnership with various public sector and third sector organisations to provide safe and private spaces for people to report hate crimes.

These spaces are called Third Party Reporting Centres (TPRCs). TPRCs exist as a means for people to report hate crime(s) anonymously.

You can find out more about TPRCs here.

How do I report a hate crime to SCLD?

If you, or someone you know or support has been a victim of hate crime, SCLD can help you report this to Police Scotland.

To talk to us about a hate crime incident please call SCLD on 0141 248 3733 or email us at

Please note that if you contact SCLD on social media about a hate crime incident, we may ask you for a contact telephone number to discuss the incident further with you, or for someone you trust to speak on your behalf.

Once we have taken some details from you, we will pass on the report of the hate crime incident to Police Scotland.