Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence (LDAN) Bill consultation – Information

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The Scottish Government has a plan for a new law they think will make life better for people with learning disabilities, this will be called the Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill. We will call this the LDAN Bill for short.

SCLD believes that the Bill could make a big difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities in Scotland. Before they write the Bill, the Scottish Government wants to hear what people with learning disabilities think about their ideas for the Bill. This is called a consultation.

It is important that as many people with learning disabilities, family carers and organisations respond to the consultation.

Your response counts! #HaveYourSayLDAN


SCLD have made some resources to help you respond to the consultation.

Event resources to help you respond to the consultation

1. LDAN Bill Consultation Background Video


2. Blockbuster grid with the consultation themes

3. Top tips for responding to the LDAN Bill consultation – overview

4. LDAN Top Tips for responding to the consultation – full presentation

Short Films

SCLD has created two short animations to help explain how you can help make laws and give you more information about the LDAN Bill and how you can respond to the consultation. You can watch them here:

1. How can you help make laws?
2. What is the LDAN Bill and how to respond?

Priority Areas for SCLD

Current SCLD thinking

Based on what we have heard from people with learning disabilities over many years, SCLD have identified 6 priority areas. These areas will be the focus of SCLD’s response to the LDAN Bill consultation. For each priority area SCLD has written a briefing paper and created a short video with subtitles to explain our thinking.

Identity and Definitions



Housing and Independent Living

Complex Care – Coming Home

Overarching themes

Online Events

SCLD is hosting a free and accessible online event to help people to respond to the LDAN Bill consultation. At the event, you will find out more about what the LDAN Bill is and SCLD’s top tips on how to respond. Find out more here. There are two dates to choose from below. You can also email events@scld.co.uk or call 0141 248 3733 to register your place.

Tuesday 27 February 10.30am–12.30pm
Thursday 29 February 2–4pm

You can find out more and register here.

Hard Words

SCLD have made an Easy Read of the hard words used in SCLD’s briefings. Download it here.

Scottish Government Documents

There are 22 areas detailed in the LDAN consultation. You should think about the areas that are most important to you.

Down’s Syndrome Scotland have produced some infographics to help explain the 22 areas within the consultation.

You can find Easy Reads for each of the 22 areas on the Scottish Government website.

You can ask the Scottish Government for paper copies of the Easy Reads for any of the 22 areas of the consultation. Email: LDAN.Bill@gov.scot

What You Need To Do To Respond

When you respond to the consultation you MUST complete the Respondent Form.

There is an Easy Read respondent form called the About Me Form that you can download, save and complete.

Remember, for your response to be counted you MUST complete and return:

Further information
There are a lot of reports and background information available on the SCLD website. You can find further information about the LDAN Bill consultation from the Scottish Government’s website.