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The power of the Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS) programme

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Sophie Pilgrim is Director of Kindred, a voluntary organisation that each year supports over 700 families of children and young people with complex needs. In a guest blog she shares her experience of the Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS) programme…Β  From the moment I heard about E-PAtS from the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities, I felt that …

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Working Well Together: What works for parents with learning disabilities?

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Staff from Falkirk Council met with a number of parents and staff from Central Advocacy Partners Parent’s Network to discuss the following: 1) What is important in working with parents and children? 2) To work in a person-centred way, what needs to change? What can you do? 3) Following today, what are we doing to do? You can read a …