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It’s Scottish Learning Disability Week and this year the theme is ‘My Environment – My place, my planet’, which is all about how people with learning disabilities should be included in helping their local environment, and in wider debates around key issues such as climate change.

SCLD is delighted to announce that we have been working in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Badgers to create some nature and wildlife-themed resources and activities that everyone can take part in this Scottish Learning Disability Week!

The resources form an addition to the ‘Let’s Notice Nature‘ initiative, that the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Badgers have developed with each other as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project.

During the global lockdown, many people’s ‘environments’ have shrunk in size, and for some, particularly those who are shielding, environments have become limited to their own homes.

We wanted to create nature and wildlife-themed activities that people can safely take part in at home, no matter what their personal circumstances.

SCLD was keen to make these activities and resources as inclusive as possible, to support the different personal environments and situations that people find themselves in during lockdown. There are activities that can be done from home, such as the ‘View from my window’ activity, as well as two videos on creating a multisensory ‘Ponder Patch’, both indoors and outdoors, so that people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities can join in with the activities.

SCLD has also been working with PAMIS Scotland to ensure that people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities can join in and celebrate Scottish Learning Disability Week.

We are keen to make sure that Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020 is as fun filled as ever, and that we can be together through these activities, despite staying apart.

Access the resources


You can join the ‘Let’s Notice Nature’ Facebook group and access the resources from the ‘Let’s Notice Nature’ initiative here.

You can find out more about what is happening this Scottish Learning Disability Week here.