Learning Disability Week 2020

Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020

We are excited to announce that Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020 will take place from Monday 18th – Sunday 24th May.

Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020 is still going ahead but to comply with Scottish Government guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID-19) it will be held online. 

Please watch this space and follow our social media channels and search the hashtag #LDWeekScot2020 to keep up to date with all the latest Scottish Learning Disability Week news. 

Some of the information on this webpage was written before the Coronavirus outbreak – please make sure you comply with Scottish Government guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID-19) when joining in with activities and online events as part of Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020.

SCLD has pulled together information and guidance on Coronavirus which you may also find useful. 

Download our Easy Read activity timetable for Scottish Learning Disability Week.

The theme for 2020 is ‘My Environment – my place, my planet’

Wherever you live in Scotland, whether in a town or city, in the countryside or by the sea, we want you to think about what your local environment means to you and what you can do to help it flourish… 

We live in a beautiful country and on an amazing planet, and we all should be able to have a voice in keeping it that way. 

My Place

Here at the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) we believe everyone should have a personal environment that meets their needs and live in a place where they have choice over how they live their daily liveswhether that’s on their own, in their own home, with family and friends, or in a supported setting.  

People with learning disabilities should be able to live in a clean and healthy environment that allows them to flourish and live their best lives. What are the problems that affect the environments in which people with learning disabilities live and what can we all do to make things better in our local place? 

My Planet

We want to use this Scottish Learning Disability Week to raise awareness of people with learning disabilities and the things that make up their environment, but we also want to emphasise that we all share the same environment – our planet. 

We think people with learning disabilities should be both considered and involved in the discussions and decisions that are taking place around climate change on both a local and national level. 

Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020 is also an opportunity for people to come together and show that everyone can do their bit for both their personal environment and the planet.  

You can download our easy read version of the Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020 theme announcement here.

Let us know what you’re doing to help your environment  

Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020 is an opportunity to share the stories of people with learning disabilities getting involved to help make positive change in their environment – whether it be in their own home and community, or in the wider world. 

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, coming together with people in your community to help your local environment is sadly no longer possible. But you can still let us know if you have any online plans during Scottish Learning Disability Week. For example, maybe you have made one of our recycled bird feeders and want to send us a photo, or perhaps you’ve made some space on your balcony or in your garden for wildlife, or you’re using your time in lockdown to learn more about the environment and climate change – however small, we’d like to hear from you!

We also recognise that not everyone has outdoor space and that not everyone is able to go outside during the lockdown. For this reason, we have created activities which you can take part in indoors.

If you’re planning an online get together or event this Scottish Learning Disability Week, you can tell us about it on our ‘Share your plans!’ page. 

Hosting a ‘Make and Take’ Communi-Tea party

As we are now unable to get together with friends and family due to Social Distancing guidelines, we recommend that if you can, you get together with people online.

For example, you could host a video call with your family and friends, your work colleagues or class mates at school or college, people from your place of worship, or people from a club or group you go to.

You can show your family, friends or community something you have made during lockdown on the video call. Each video call participant can then show you in turn something that they have made (for example, out of recycling or leftover food). We have pulled together some ideas of things you can make below.

Things you could make:

What can I do now?

Now is the time to save the week in your diary, and to start thinking about what you might do to get involved. You can help let people know about the Week by using our Scottish Learning Disability Week themed designs on your social media channels.

Use #LDWeekScot2020 in your posts to raise awareness and help us to keep all news related to the Week in one place!


Social media

Get Involved packs

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the current restrictions that are in place we are unable to post out ‘Get Involved’ packs.

You can download the key parts of the Pack below!

Some of the activities in the ‘Get Involved’ pack may no longer be possible due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Please refer to Scottish Government guidance. 

uno a white unicorn with a multi-coloured mane and a blue and white horn

Uno the Unicorn

Uno the Unicorn is our Scottish Learning Disability Week mascot! This year we ran a competition to ‘Make your own Uno’ out of recycled materials. We will be announcing the winner during Scottish Learning Disability Week 2020.

You can find out more about Uno here.