Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support Community of Practice Scotland 

Following the publication of the Coming Home report in 2018, the Scottish Government made a commitment to develop a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Community of Practice for Scotland. 

You can read SCLD’s position statement on PBS here.

You can read an Easy Read summary of SCLD’s position statement here.

What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)? 

  • Is a person-centred framework for providing support to people with learning disabilities, including those with additional support needs such as autism, or those with behavioural challenges. 
  • Has an overall aim is to improve quality of life, and to provide the right support at the right time, so that people can thrive, be happy, and fulfil their potential. 
  • Supports human rights and promotes a life without unnecessary restriction. 
  • Means treating people equally and working in partnership with people with learning disabilities and their families. 

Welcome video from Minister for Mental Health, Clare Haughey MSP

Further information

Follow the link to our Google Drive to access the latest PBS resources.

Find out about our latest events 

Our next webinar, ‘Staff wellbeing in a PBS context’ will take place on Tuesday 24th August 2021, 2pm – 4pm.

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The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Community of Practice (CoP) for Scotland invite you to this free webinar on ‘Staff Wellbeing in the Context of PBS’.

The importance of the wellbeing of individual staff, teams, and whole organisations to delivering and sustaining person-centred PBS is increasingly recognised. Supporting staff wellbeing is an essential element of a PBS approach.

In this webinar you will hear about:

  • A human rights perspective on staff wellbeing.
  • New approaches to understanding the relationship between wellbeing, exposure to behaviours that challenge, and the quality of support provided.
  • Practical approaches for identifying and improving wellbeing, both for individuals and for teams.
  • Organisational approaches to improving wellbeing.
  • Opportunities and challenges in improving wellbeing.

You can find out more by downloading the webinar invitation here.

PBS Community of Practice Scotland  

The PBS Community of Practice (CoPfor Scotland is led by a steering group of key stakeholders, including professionals and family carers who have experience and expertise in PBS, and who work at a strategic level.  

The steering group is facilitated by SCLD as part of our work as a delivery partner of the Scottish Government in the implementation of Scotland’s learning disability strategy, The keys to life.

The PBS CoP is chaired by Dr Anne MacDonald (Scottish Government and University of Glasgow).  

 The Steering Group logos are included below:


The PBS Community of Practice Scotland is focussed on: 

  • Leading the dialogue and discussion about PBS in Scotland 
  • Supporting the implementation of PBS in Scotland 
  • Delivering national events and webinars on PBS  
  • Sharing good practice and learning about PBS 
  • Ensuring that all sectors providing services to people with learning disabilities are well represented and involved with the work of the CoP .

We hope the PBS CoP will become a national focal point for all those who have an interest in PBS and its use to support people with learning disabilities.

You can download the presentations from the Introductory PBS webinar below:

You can download the presentations from the ‘Trauma-informed PBS’ webinar below:

  • ‘A Young Person’s Story’ by family carer, Mandy Mitchelmore
  • Attachment, Trauma-informed PBS and Behaviours that Challenge, Dr Cathy Harding 
  • Trauma-informed PBS, Dr Keith Bowden 
  • Resources from the Trauma-informed PBS webinar

You can watch recordings of our previous webinars here

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