LeadScotland’s digital safety events during Scottish Learning Disability Week 2024

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Lead Scotland is a charity supporting disabled people and carers by providing personalised learning, befriending, advice and information services. 

Lead Scotland have a series of online workshops about all things digital.  This Scottish Learning Disability Week 2024, Lead Scotland will deliver a selection of these workshops Tuesday to Friday at 10.30am. 

These events are designed for people with disabilities and their supporters but are open and accessible for all.  Why not come along and learn how to keep you and those around you safe online?

Tuesday 7 May 10.30am:
Avoiding Scams and Staying Safe Online

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This workshop is for you if you are nervous about going online because you worry about being scammed or falling for a phishing attack. 

In this workshop you will learn how to spot scams and make sure the time you spend online is enjoyable and safe. Register here 

Wednesday 8 May 10.30am:
Spotting Fake News

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This workshop is for you if you it hard to work out if something you see online is true. 

In this workshop you will find out how to tell if something is true online, how to check if a website is real and the tricks that criminals use to make things look true when they aren’t! Register here

Thursday 9 May 10.30am:
Avoiding Romance Scams

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The internet has changed how people meet friends and partners online.  This means that some people will be victim to a romance scam.  Romance scams are different to other scams and it is important to know different things to stay safe. 

This workshop is for you if you want to find out how to make safe connections with new people online.  

In this workshop, you will learn what a romance scams is and how to help someone who you think is at risk of being the victim of a romance scam. Register here

Friday 10 May 10.30am:
Smart Devices – are they making our lives easier?

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Smart devices are things like smart phones and Alexa.  It can help is turn things on and off in different rooms or when we are not at home.  Smart technology can make our lives easier but it also makes it harder for us to stay safe online.

In this workshop you will learning how the internet can make our lives better and how to make our homes stay safe. Register here