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Include For Good is recruiting!

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We are looking for new people to join our team

Are you someone with a learning disability? Do you want to make change happen? Do you or someone you know want to join our exciting team?

SCLD wants to recruit up to 3 new members of the Include For Good rapporteur team!

What is ‘Include For Good’?

‘Include For Good’ is the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities’ (SCLD) programme for change.

Include For Good is about changing attitudes and making Scotland a more equal place.

We want to create a world where people with learning disabilities are seen, heard and fully supported to live their best life.

Include For Good is committed to challenging the status quo and achieving greater visibility and inclusion of people with learning disabilities in all aspects of Scottish life.

Include For Good is led by people with learning disabilities who aim to move power and control to people who are experts by experience.

The programme is currently led by 7 people with learning disabilities who work with the SCLD board, senior leaders and key decision-makers across Scotland to change society’s view of the status, value and contribution of people with learning disabilities. They are called Rapporteurs.

A Rapporteur is:

  • Someone who investigates issues and challenges 
  • Someone who speaks to decision makers and leaders 
  • Someone whoreports on the actions that need to happen 
  • Someone who checks that these actions have happened  

How to apply

We have prepared an Easy Read information pack for you.

On the application form you will find out about the different ways that you can apply to be a Rapporteur.

This pack contains:

We have audio guides to help you complete the information pack. You can listen to them by clicking on the links below:

You can phone SCLD and ask them to send you the information pack on 0141 248 3733.

Things to note

You can find out more about Include For Good and what the Rapporteurs have been doing on our website

Training and support will be provided for everyone who is successful in becoming a Rapporteur.

We welcome applications from anyone with a learning disability in Scotland who is passionate about making Scotland a more inclusive place for people with learning disabilities.

We are keen to widen the voices that we hear from and so would particularly welcome applications from people from ethnic minority backgrounds or people who have a profound and multiple learning disability.

The deadline for applications is 4pm on Friday 15th September 2023.