Photo of Kay and people writing and justice scales. Text reads: Free legal advice for people with learning disabilities.

Free legal advice for people with learning disabilities

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Everyone with a learning disability should be able to get legal advice when they need it.  It is an important part of ensuring that people have access to the justice system.

The Legal Services Agency is now holding monthly sessions for people with learning disabilities and their families, at the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) office, in Glasgow.

Kay Foulkes works on the Disability and Social Justice Project at the Legal Services Agency and will be providing legal advice to people with learning disabilities and their families and supporters, free of charge.

If you would like to talk to Kay about an issue you are facing, please get in contact with the SCLD office to arrange to speak with her.  

What can I speak to Kay about?

If you think you have been treated differently to other people because you have a learning disability (in certain situations, this is called ‘discrimination’) you can speak to Kay about this.

Or, if you are unsure about something that has happened, and would like to get some legal advice, then Kay would also like to hear from you. 

How to speak to Kay 

You can book a slot to speak to Kay face to face at SCLD’s office in Glasgow. Or you can ask for a phone call or video call. Kay will be available on Monday 28th August from 11am – 1.00pm.

You can arrange to speak to her by calling the SCLD office on 0141 248 3733 or by emailing Lucy at 

If someone you know with a learning disability needs legal advice

If you know or work with someone with a learning disability who you think would benefit from free legal advice, please don’t hesitate to pass on these details, or get in touch with SCLD directly.  

If you have any questions about the advice sessions, please get in touch with SCLD on 0141 248 3733 or email Lucy at