Enabling people with learning disabilities to work is critical to achieving the The keys to life vision to improve the quality of life for people with learning disabilities so that they live longer healthier lives, participate fully in all aspects of society and prosper as individuals.  Many people with learning disabilities face significant barriers to mainstream employment and having access to the appropriate support and advice is essential to helping people overcome these.  Scotland’s new powers over employability provision present a crucial opportunity to design a system which is genuinely person-centred, offers tailor-made support and opens up the benefits of real, sustainable employment to all.


Mapping the employability landscape for people with learning disabilities in Scotland

The Scottish Government and SCLD has commissioned a scoping exercise through the University of Glasgow TERU and Cambridge Policy Consultants to map the employability landscape for people with learning disabilities in Scotland.  The report details the findings, and includes conclusions and specific recommendations for a variety of stakeholders. Four key action areas have been identified. They include the need to:

  • Overcome the low expectations held by parents, schools, colleges and employers.
  • Gather data more effectively, investing funding where people with a learning disability in Scotland secure both employment and support to develop in that job.
  • Use this data to invest in post-school funding into services that can deliver employment outcomes of 50% as detailed in the report.
  • Recruit and train Job Coaches that can support people with a learning disability into employment and throughout their careers. Recognising Job Coaching as a profession that has quality standards that are monitored nationally.

Download the full report here.

Download our summary of the report here: Key Findings

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Download an easy read version of the report here: Easy read report

An audio version of our easy read report is available here: Audio summary