people stand smiling with copies of the 'How's Life?' survey at the survey launch event

“How’s Life?” Survey reveals more insights

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In 2019 SCLD ran a nationwide survey of people with learning disabilities in Scotland. The survey was called “How’s Life?” and was created and run in partnership with ARC Scotland, PAMIS, Key, ENABLE Scotland, People First (Scotland) and Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

In 2020 we published the first of the reports on the findings of the survey: Relationships Matter explored the importance of relationships in the lives of people with learning disabilities, and the barriers people face in forming relationships. 2021 saw the publication of “Mostly a 10, but sometimes a zero” The wellbeing of people with learning disabilities, which looked at how happy people with learning disabilities felt and how factors such as health and support affected feelings of satisfaction with life.

My Home My Community and My Time My Choice? are the third and fourth reports from the “How’s Life?” Survey which recorded the life experiences of over 1200 people with learning disabilities across Scotland. My Home My Community contains key findings about where people live, what their support to live independently is like, and how included they feel in their communities.

My Time My Choice shows how people spent their time (pre-Covid), how much choice they had over what they did, and whether they got the support they needed to do the things they wanted to do.

Download the reports

My Home My Community report

My Home My Community Easy Read summary

My Time My Choice?

My Time My Choice Easy Read summary

Print copies of the Easy Read report summaries are available on request.