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2018 Report

This is the 2018 Learning Disability Statistics Scotland (LDSS), which reports statistics about adults with learning disabilities who were known to Scottish local authorities between 2017 – 2018. Please note that Glasgow City Council was unable to return any data about adults with learning disabilities in time for the 2018 collection. To maintain national relevance, the data provided by this authority for 2017 has been included in this report. Because of this, the data presented in this publication are provisional. Final data for LDSS 2018 will be published when Glasgow City Council submits its data for the 2018 collection.

You can download the main report here.

You can also download the following annexes to the report.

Annex A contains national level data tables:

Annex A (pdf. version)

Annex A (Excel version)

Annex B contains local level data tables:

Annex B (pdf. version)

Annex B (Excel version)

Data quality considerations are discussed throughout the LDSS 2018 report. Further information about how LDSS 2018 has addressed data quality can be found here:

Annex C Data Quality Statement

LDSS Statement of Administrative Sources