Parenting Task Group


In 2016, on behalf of the Scottish Government, SCLD commissioned the University of Strathclyde to conduct a scoping exercise to map out services for parents with learning disabilities across Scotland.

The Scottish Government fully accepted the findings and recommendations in the report Supporting Parents with Learning Disabilities in Scotland: Challenges and Opportunities

You can read the key findings from the report here.

Key findings 

You can read the recommendations from the report here.

Following the publication of this report, a Parenting Task Group was convened to take forward the report’s recommendations.  This group first met on 31st January 2017. It is chaired by Clare Simpson, Director of Parenting Across Scotland.

This group previously existed with a different remit: to identify ways to improve the early identification of parents with learning disabilities that might need extra support, and to improve access to those supports.  The group agreed to adapt its remit to develop and promote the implementation of the report recommendations.  The objectives of the Parenting Task Group are to:

  • Influence national policy and practice in terms of supporting parents with learning disabilities
  • Propose actions to implement the recommendations of the report
  • Support the development of strategic alliances across Scotland and beyond to achieve the recommendations in the report
  • Inform Scottish Government’s thinking about the future support needs of parents with a learning disability

Task Group Brief

You will be able to read progress made against each of the recommendations here.  You can also read updates on the activities of the Task Group here.

Notes from meeting 31/1/17

Notes from meeting 3/5/17

Notes from meeting 28/11/17

Notes from meeting 7/3/18 

TASK Group Progress to date

To find out more about the report or if you have any questions, please contact Andy Miller, Policy and Implementation Manager, at or by calling 0141 248 3733.