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Family life is both a human right and an enormous challenge.  The keys to life recognises this by prioritising effective supports for parents with learning disabilities.

SCLD has been involved in promoting better support for parents with learning disabilities for over a decade.  The Working Together With Parents Network provided support, information and access to resources to practitioners across Scotland, England and Wales*.

In 2016 SCLD commissioned The University of Strathclyde to scope out services for parents with learning disabilities.  This report – Supporting Parents With Learning Disabilities in Scotland: Challenges and Opportunities – contained a number of recommendations to improve the support parents receive.  A Task Group was set up to develop an Implementation Plan and to monitor progress towards delivering the Plan.

In 2015, using Scottish Government’s Keys to life Development Fund, SCLD funded a number of organisations to deliver innovative projects that should be both sustainable and transferable to other areas.  These projects were delivered under four themes, one of which was Parenting.  Five local projects were funded under this theme.

In order to help other organisations learn from the work of these projects, SCLD published a How to… Guide for each one.  These short Guides describe the work of each project, the outcomes they achieved, and list top tips for anyone looking to replicate or adapt their work.  You can read the five Parenting How to… Guides here.

* The Network is no longer active, but you can find out about its work below.


Supporting Parents with Learning Disabilities: Challenges and Opportunities

Supporting Parents with Learning Disabilities Easy Read version

Good Practice Guidelines for Parents with Learning Disabilities

How To Guides – Parenting Projects


You can view all of SCLD’s resources on our Reports & Publications page.

Working Together with Parents Network

SCLD’s facilitation of the WTPN Network has now come to an end, however the network continues to operate. You can still access the resources from the Network here.

You can watch a video about SCLD’s involvement in the WTPN Network below: