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Health and social care scrutiny

Health and social care provision plays a significant role in the lives of people with learning disabilities. Strategic Outcome 2 of The keys to life Implementation Plan (2015-2017) is ‘Choice and Control: People with learning disabilities are treated with dignity and respect, and protected from neglect, exploitation and abuse.’ Under this outcome, there was a specific action to “Work with strategic partners to ensure scrutiny of our health, social and third sector services.”

In response, in 2015, SCLD commissioned the Centre for Public Scrutiny to explore the landscape of scrutiny in Scotland and its role within health and social care. The aim was to better understand the responsibilities scrutiny bodies have and the possible contributions they can make to tracking the journey towards meeting learning disability policy and strategy outcomes.

The work draws on the experiences and perspectives of those involved in undertaking scrutiny, agencies who deliver services and, crucially, people with learning disabilities themselves. We intend for the outputs to provide a platform for dialogue between those groups which will strengthen the connection between scrutiny and improvement which supports the delivery of the Scottish Government’s ambitions for people with learning disabilities.

You can read more about the report, its key findings and recommendations, and the Implementation plan below.

Scrutiny report

Using scrutiny to drive outcomes