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Hate Crime

Strategic Outcome 2 of The keys to life Implementation Plan (2015-2017) is ‘Choice and Control: People with learning disabilities are treated with dignity and respect, and protected from neglect, exploitation and abuse’. Research has shown that people with disabilities are almost twice as likely to be victims of violence as non-disabled adults. People with learning disabilities are also far more likely to experience Hate Crime. Every person with learning disabilities has a right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity on an equal basis with others. This is in line with the.”

In 2017 SCLD published the report Hate Crime and Third Party Reporting Centres: A mapping and scoping exercise. The aim of this report was to ascertain whether those places listed as TRPCs on the Police Scotland website still considered themselves to be fulfilling this role, and if so how hate crime reporting was handled by staff. The report also sought to understand the extent to which listed TRPCs understood the differences between hate crime and gender based violence.

From 2015 to 2017 SCLD administered the Scottish Government’s Keys to life Development Fund. As part of this process SCLD published four ‘How to Guides’ based on the four themes (Employment, Hate Crime, Parenting and Social Connectedness) under which projects were funded. The ‘How to Guide’  for the two hate crime projects (run by I Am Me and The Advocacy Project) can be found here.

Hate crime report

Hate Crime and Third Party Reporting Centres: A mapping and scoping exercise

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Hate crime