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Building Bridges to a Good Life

A review of asset based, person centred approaches and people with learning disabilities in Scotland

The last decade has seen a growing recognition of the rights of people with learning disabilities to enjoy a ‘good life’ with choice about what that means to them and control over how they live it. There has been a move away from providing services to and for people, towards people deciding for themselves how they want to live. During the same period, there has been growing interest in viewing communities and people who live in them as assets, capable of creating their own solutions, rather than a list of needs and deficits.

Scottish Commission for Learning Disability commissioned a new report to explore the potential to join up thinking around increased choice and control for people with learning disabilities and the principles of asset based working. What impact can these approaches have on people’s lives?

This report provides an important insight to an increasingly popular way of working with people with learning disabilities, and presents new evidence which bring us closer to understanding the efficacy of the approach. The report:

  • Outlines the values, principles and features of asset based approaches
  • Addresses the many factors that can facilitate the adoption of asset based approaches
  • Highlights common barriers to asset based approaches
  • Presents identified benefits to people with learning disabilities when asset based approaches are adopted


Read the full report and key findings:

Building Bridges to a Good Life: A review of asset based, person centred approaches and people with learning disabilities in Scotland

Key findings

Easy read summary


In this podcast (produced by Pod Academy), we feature highlights from a conversation between public sector bodies and workers in local and national charities from right across Scotland, as well as academics and members of the Learning Disability and Autism Team of the Scottish Government to explore the efficacy of asset based approaches together.

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