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Asset based approaches

The keys to life Implementation Plan (2015-2017) has four Strategic Outcomes. One of these is Active Citizenship: ‘People with learning disabilities are able to participate in all aspects of community and society’.

The Implementation Plan includes a number of actions to help achieve the outcome of Active Citizenship. One of these is ‘Review assets based, person centred approaches which optimise choice, control and independence’.  SCLD commissioned independent consultants DMSS to carry out this review.  The report ‘Building Bridges to a Good Life’ was published in December 2016.  You can read about the report and its key findings here.

In 2017, SCLD held a national assets based conference, Building Bridges from Policy to Practice, where the report findings were presented.  In 2018, four local events are planned to promote and celebrate the idea of asset based working, and to support the development of local strategic development of assets based working with people with learning disabilities. You can read more about the Building Bridges conference here.

Another action in The keys to life Implementation Plan was to facilitate innovative social connectedness and employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities.  Through The keys to life Development Fund The Scottish Government funded fourteen small local projects that were both innovative and had the potential to be sustainable and replicable elsewhere.  You can read more about these projects, and the How to… Guides that were produced here.

Asset based approaches report

Building Bridges to a Good Life: A review of asset based, person centred approaches and people with learning disabilities in Scotland

Building bridges conference

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How to Guides

‘How To’ Guides: The keys to life Development Fund