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The impact of Coronavirus on people with learning disabilities

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Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown began in March, SCLD has been considering the impact on people with learning/intellectual disabilities and our response.

To help us do this, SCLD created two surveys, one for people with learning/intellectual disabilities and one for their parentscarers and supporters. The surveys were distributed during April – May 2020 and collected 350 responses; 127 from people with learning disabilities and 223 from parents, carers and supporters. 

The survey results reveal some key insights about how people with learning disabilities and their parents, carers and supporters are feeling about the impacts of the Coronavirus crisis; many were concerned about the reduction or removal of support since the beginning of lockdown; amongst people with learning disabilities increased social isolation was reported. This was compounded by digital exclusionand the mental health impact this is having on people with learning/intellectual disabilities.

People also felt that there was increased pressure on family carersbecause of reductions in support from care providers or fears of accepting support due to the risks of Coronavirus; and pressure on paid carersdue to staff shortages, and changes to how support is given were also key issues.  

People with learning/intellectual disabilities reported feeling very worried about the health implications of Coronavirus on them and their loved ones. There was also a sense of anxiety and uncertainty about how long measures would last, and whether their usual support and activities would return once measures were lifted. 

You can find out more about the impact of the crisis upon people with learning disabilities and those who support them by downloading the full survey report and Easy Read summary below.

Download a copy of the full survey report.

Download an Easy Read summary of the survey report.