COVID-19 vaccination rollout: Mitigating Inequalities

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In December 2020 SCLD issued a statement in regard to human rights concerns over the prioritisation of people with learning/intellectual disabilities in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. In view of the recent publication of research, and from our own dialogue with people with learning/intellectual disabilities and the organisations who support them, we have issued an updated statement on the necessity of …

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UK-wide research project seeks people with learning disabilities

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A team of university researchers from across the UK are looking for people with learning disabilities to take part in a new study about their experiences during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The team is led by Professor Chris Hatton (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Professor Richard Hastings (University of Warwick). Professor Andrew Jahoda (University of Glasgow) is leading the Scottish part …

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Relationships matter for people with learning disabilities

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The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD) has launched ‘Relationships Matter,’ our first report generated from the landmark survey of people with learning disabilities in Scotland, carried out in 2019. The report focuses on relationships and loneliness, and explores some issues that relate to these, like happiness, choice, and support. SCLD developed the survey with a range of …

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The impact of Coronavirus on people with learning disabilities

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Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown began in March, SCLD has been considering the impact on people with learning/intellectual disabilities and our response. To help us do this, SCLD created two surveys, one for people with learning/intellectual disabilities and one for their parents, carers and supporters. The surveys were distributed during April – May 2020 and collected 350 responses; 127 from people with learning …

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COVID-19 Guided Self-help Booklet Series

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The University of Glasgow, with assistance from colleagues at Lancaster University,  the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick, have published a series of guided self-help booklets developed to support people with mild to moderate learning/intellectual disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The booklets can be used with the support of family members, friends, volunteers and carers and are also suitable for social work and health …

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RSA Fellows with learning disabilities are celebrated at film premiere

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The Scottish Commission for people with Learning Disabilities (SCLD)  hosted a film premiere on Friday 20th September, to celebrate the inspiring achievements of seven people with learning disabilities who are lifetime Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). The seven individuals were granted the first RSA fellowships to people with learning disabilities in 2016. The premiere …

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A home of my own… Marie’s story

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Choosing where, how and with who you live is a basic right that is often hard won by people with a learning disability in Scotland. In the run up to Scottish Housing Day on Wednesday 18th September 2019, SCLD is publishing a series of blogs to raise awareness of the challenges people with learning disabilities face when it comes to …