Launch of ‘We are More’ – a film about hate crime

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As part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week (14th – 21st October) SCLD and partners have launched a short film titled, ‘We are More’, about people with learning disabilities’ experiences of hate crime disability hate crime. Sadly hate crime is part of the daily experiences of many people with learning disabilities, who are more likely to experience all forms of …

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The targeting of women with learning disabilities

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In our final blog to mark Hate Crime Awareness Week, Dr Phillippa Wiseman writes about the unique challenges that women and girls with learning disabilities face from hate crime and the need to recognise these intersecting identities under hate crime law. People with learning disabilities experience all forms of violence, over and above other non-disabled people. In research that we …

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Data matters: The impact of hate crime on people with learning disabilities in Scotland

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Following SCLD highlighting the need for disaggregation of disability hate crime data in Scotland, we are now beginning to gain a greater understanding of the prejudice facing people with learning disabilities in their communities. In this blog, SCLD’s Human Rights Adviser, Oonagh Brown, discusses why this development in data disaggregation is important and what we need to do next to …

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What can we do about disability hate crime?

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On Hate Crime Awareness Week (9th – 16th October 2021) we hear from Nick Watson, Professor of Disability Research from the University of Glasgow, about what we can do about disability hate crime and its disproportionate affect on people with learning disabilities.  People with a learning disability don’t need to be told about hate crime – it is others who …