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Supported Parenting: Bridging the gap between guidance and practice

During August, The Scottish Commission for Learning Disability, as part of The Working Together with Parents Network, held two events for practitioners focused on embedding Supported Parenting into practice. These two events were held in Glasgow and Stirling.

At these events, practitioners where introduced to The Five Key Features of Supported Parenting which are:

  • Accessible Information and Communication
  • Clear and coordinated referral and assessment processes, eligibility criteria and care pathways
  • Support designed to meet the needs of parents based on assessments of their needs and strengths
  • Long term support where necessary
  • Access to independent advocacy.

Sharon Swan Manager of Aberlour Family Support Service in South Ayrshire, spoke about The Five Key Features and how they had been embedded into this service. Sharon included examples of the services support pathway, accessible information templates used and lived experience of a parent who this service had supported.

The delegates also heard from Speak Out Advocacy Project (Sandie Carnegie/ Patricia Kearns/ Jim Walsh) who highlighted how stressful the assessment process can be for parents.

Following these presentations practitioners were then split into workshops. Across the two events workshops where delivered by People First Parents Group and Morag Innes (Edinburgh Local Area Co-Ordinator), Central Advocacy Partners and Equal Say Advocacy. Parents took part in delivering each of the three available workshops.

We would like to thank everyone who took part at the events and in particular the parents who shared their experiences with practitioners.

We hope that those who attended the events are able to use the Supported Parenting Guidelines to inform their practice when working to support parents with learning disabilities.

You can read the full event evaluation and link to presentations here.

You can read the full Supported Parenting Guidelines here.

You can find out more about the UK wide Working Together with Parents Network here.

If you attended the events and would like to tell us about how you have embedded the Five Key Principles into your own practice you can tell us about it by filling in our Good Practice Collector.

Oonagh Brown, Policy & Implementation Officer (Parenting)