Spotlight 2020

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The Scottish Learning Disability Awards ‘Spotlight’!

Sadly this year we have been unable to hold the Scottish Learning Disability Awards ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions.

However, the skills, talents and achievements of our 2020 award finalists deserve a ‘spotlight’, so instead we planned two weeks of online celebration across our social media channels to honour our finalists.

The celebrations took place from Friday 20th November – Friday 4th December across all of SCLD’s social media channels. The party started with a Facebook Live premiere, which is still available to watch on the SCLD Facebook page.

You can download the Spotlight 2020 programme to find out what happened on each day during the fortnight. There is also an audio version of the Spotlight programme which you can listen to here.

Follow SCLD on social media and search the hashtag ‘#LDScotSpotlight‘ to view all the online content from the Spotlight event:

You can also watch all of our Scottish Learning Disability Awards 2020 finalists’ videos on Vimeo.

About the Award categories

Social Impact

The work and success of people with a learning disability who are engaged in enterprise can be less well known or recognised.

This award celebrates the impact and successes of an individual or group that benefits their local community through enterprise. Whether they’re selling a product or a service, opening a shop or taking their enterprise to the digital world, we want to hear about it

The Social Impact Award is supported by Social Investment Scotland.

Employee Recognition

The Employee Recognition Award recognises the success of a person (or group of people) with a learning disability who has a paid job and who is making a real difference in their workplace. 

Family Carer and their Relative

This award recognises the transformative and empowering relationship between the family carer(s) and the person being cared for. The tireless support of family carers makes a world of difference to the life of the family member being cared for and yet is rarely recognised formally.

The Family Carer and their Relative Award is supported by PAMIS Scotland and Carers’ Trust Scotland.

Sport Achievement

The Sport Achievement Award recognises the success of an individual or team of people with learning disabilities who have made sport a meaningful part of their life, and whose story challenges others to consider sport and the concept of achievement in new ways.

The Sport Achievement Award is sponsored by Active Scotland.

Creative Innovation

Individuals who have a learning disability have the power to express their creative and artistic talent using many innovative ways to engage with the world, with the potential to impact the lives of others and to change attitudes in our society. We want to recognise individuals or groups of creative people with learning disabilities who are being innovative in their creative practice.

The Creative Innovation Award is supported by Creative Scotland.

Skills and Learning

The Skills and Learning Award recognises a person or a group of people with a learning disability who have worked hard to develop their skills and take their knowledge to a new level.

The Skills and Learning Award is sponsored by Skills Development Scotland.

Living your best life

We want to know about the positive impact that great support makes to ensure a person has a good life in their own home, within their community, and with opportunities for the person to live their best life.

The Living your best life Award is sponsored by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland.

Community Champion

This award recognises the difference that a person or group of people with learning disabilities can make when they champion the causes of their community and their environment, and work to make things better for everyone.

The Community Champion Award is sponsored by the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO).

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters

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