Parenting TASK Group Progress

A man carrying two young children in a field, whilst a child runs ahead of him

The SCLD Parenting TASK Group was launched on the 31st January 2017

The following outcomes and recorded progress provide an overview of the work to date on the outcomes based implementation plan.

Outcome 1

We know how many parents have support needs consistent with having a learning disability.

Outcome 2

Parents with learning disabilities across Scotland receive a consistently high quality of support.

Outcome 3 

No parent with a learning disability in Scotland will miss out on the support and information they need.

Outcome 4

The support parents with learning disabilities receive should be long term, responsive and flexible.

Outcome 5

Support for parents with learning disabilities should be informed by quality guidance, good practice and improvement methodologies.

Outcome 6

All mainstream and universal services can draw on specialist support for parents with learning disabilities when required.

Outcome 7

Anyone working with parents with learning disabilities is confident and competent to do so and their practice is continually improved through good practice guidance.

Next steps... 

The Working Together With Parents Network is continuing to work across several key areas and will update on the next steps in due course.

an adult's and a child's hand on either side of a jigsaw piece. Text reads: 'Working Together Parents Network - Supporting professionals working with parents with learning difficulties.