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Sport Achievement Award

The award

Participation in sport has the potential to transform a person’s health, wellbeing and outlook on life. However, people with learning disabilities are often excluded from mainstream sporting activities. The Sport Achievement Award recognises the success of an individual or team of people with learning disabilities who have made sport a meaningful part of their life, and whose story challenges others to consider sport and the concept of achievement in new ways.

Helpful information

The following nomination criteria was asked for on the nomination form:

  • Demonstrate the impact that participation in sport has had on the person(s) life
  • Demonstrate how the person or team has inspired others or challenged expectations through their participation in sport
  • Provide evidence of the extent to which individual(s) have made significant progress in their sport
  • Demonstrate that the individual(s) have shown exceptional dedication and commitment over time
  • Demonstrate the challenges faced by the person or team in their chosen sport and how these were overcome.

Nomination Form

Nominations for the Learning Disability Awards 2019 have now closed. You can watch the 2019 finalist’s videos below. 

Keep in touch

If you have any questions about the nomination process or Learning Disability Awards, please email awards@scld.co.uk or call 0141 248 3733.