Living your Best Life

About the award

No one should call hospital a home and we know that creative and innovative community-based support can make a world of difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities and complex needs.

We want to know about the positive impact that great support makes to ensure a person has a good life in their own home, within their community, and with opportunities for the person to live their best life.

This award will be presented to the person with learning disabilities and complex needs and their supporter(s) who best demonstrate the difference creative and innovative support makes.

Award criteria

Please write your nomination and include evidence to meet the criteria. The judges will be scoring the nomination against this criteria.

To bring the person(s) story to life:

  1. Provide evidence of how the person with learning disabilities and complex needs is living their best life
  2. Provide evidence of the creative and innovative ways in which support is being provided
  3. Tell us about the change that creative and innovative support has made to enable the person to live their best life
  4. Describe the outcomes that have been achieved by the person
  5. Tell us about any barriers that have been faced in achieving a place called ‘home’
  6. Tell us about the future plans to ensure that the person continues to live their best life.

Nomination Form

 There are three ways to nominate for the Learning Disability Awards 2020:

*If you are filling in the nomination form online, we recommend writing your nomination form in a text document and copying and pasting your text into this form, so as to avoid losing your progress.

Keep in touch

If you have any questions about the nomination process or Scottish Learning Disability Awards, please email or call 0141 248 3733.

Watch the videos of the successful nominees for the Scottish Learning Disability Awards 2019.