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Creative Innovation

The Award

Individuals who have a learning disability have the power to express their creative and artistic talent using many innovative ways to engage with the world, with the potential to impact the lives of others and to change attitudes in our society.

We want to recognise individuals or groups of creative people with learning disabilities who are being innovative in their creative practice.

Award Criteria

This award is open for nominations across all creative disciplines.  Whether the nominee(s) write, sing, produce visual art, perform music or are involved in something unique, we want to hear about them.

Please write your nomination and include evidence to meet the criteria. The judges will be scoring the nomination against this criteria.

Bring the person’s story to life:

  1. Tell us about the skills, experience and achievements of the person or group; include examples of their innovative work
  2. Provide evidence to demonstrate what they are doing is innovative and original
  3. Provide evidence of how the person or group is developing their artistic and creative innovation, or how they are aspiring to do this
  4. Demonstrate sustained involvement over time of the person or group within their chosen field
  5. Demonstrate and evidence artistic and creative challenges and describe how these have been overcome
  6. Tell us about what future plans or what the next steps are for the person or group’s artistic and creative journey.

Nomination Form

*Nominations for the Scottish Learning Disability Awards 2020 are now closed*

Keep in touch

If you have any questions about the nomination process or Scottish Learning Disability Awards 2019, please email awards@scld.co.uk or call 0141 248 3733.

Watch the videos of the successful nominees for the Scottish Learning Disability Awards 2019.