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Community Champion

The Award

A community can refer to a group of people living in the same place, or to people who have something in common. However, it can mean so much more to people who benefit from having a shared sense of identity, and who find strength in the people around them.

This award recognises the difference that a person or group of people with learning disabilities can make when they champion the causes of their community, and work to make things better for everyone.

Helpful Information

The following nomination criteria was asked for on the nomination form:

  • Describe what the person or group is doing within the community and what makes them a ‘champion’
  • Demonstrate what the person or group is doing for others
  • Provide evidence of any positive changes that have happened and tell us how things in the community have been made better
  • Demonstrate and evidence challenges faced and overcome
  • Demonstrate the ambition of the person or group.

Nomination form

Nominations for the Learning Disability Awards 2019 have now closed. You can watch the 2019 finalist’s videos below. 

Keep in touch

If you have any questions about the nomination process or Learning Disability Awards, please email awards@scld.co.uk or call 0141 248 3733.