Learning Disability Week – Show & Tell

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Take part in our Show & Tell campaign… 

As part of Learning Disability Week’s ‘My Generation’ theme, we are encouraging everyone to take part in our ‘Show & Tell’ campaign. All you need to do is find an object from when you were younger that is important to you. For example, you could choose a favourite toy, a photo from a family holiday, or anything else that you feel sums up your generation.

Then ‘Show & Tell’ us about your object… For example, you could:

  • Take a photo of yourself with your object
  • Organise a meeting or event where people can share the story of their object
  • Paint, dance, sing, write, speak about the object that symbolises your generation 

Send a photo or video of your Show & Tell activity to SCLD by emailing admin@scld.co.uk or post on social media using the hashtag #LDWeek2018

You can find out about more ways to get involved with Learning Disability Week 2018 here.

The SCLD team will be sharing their own Show & Tell objects in the run up to Learning Disability Week – so keep an eye on our social media channels!