2019 learning disability week

Learning Disability Week – Community: Active, Connected, Included

The theme for Learning Disability Week 2019 is Community – Active, Connected, Included

So what does being ‘Active’, ‘Connected’ and ‘Included’ in your local community mean…?

I am ‘Active’

  • At work
  • When socialising with friends, family and neighbours
  • Through volunteering
  • Through participating in sports, music and arts
  • By making change happen in my community and in politics and policy.

I am ‘Connected’

  • To friends and family
  • To colleagues
  • To advocacy groups
  • To members of a sports team or club, a community choir or a theatre group
  • To others in my community – for example, to neighbours, people who own local businesses and my local doctor.

I am ‘Included’

  • I feel part of my local community:
  • I feel welcome at local events
  • I have a say in what happens in my local community – I feel my needs and what I think is taken into account by people and organisations in authority
  • There are opportunities for me in my local community – for example, in employment at local businesses and to volunteer if I want to.

Find out more about how to get involved with our community theme this Learning Disability Week here.

Download an easy read version of this announcement here.

If you want to read more about local communities and learning disability, please see SCLD’s work on asset based approaches.