2019 learning disability week

Learning Disability Week 2019

We are excited to announce that Scotland’s Learning Disability Week 2019 will take place from Monday 13th – Sunday 19th May.

This year’s theme is ‘community’ – whoever we are and where ever in Scotland we live, we can all be part of a community. Communities are at their best when everyone is active in their community, connected to people within their community, and feels included by their community.

A community is something which we can both gain from and give something back to; a place to pool our resources and talents, to work together so that everyone benefits. Communities are important to our wellbeing – they give us a network of people and places that we can go to for information, as well as spaces to socialise and come together.

Communities can also help to prevent us becoming lonely and isolated, through neighbours and friends, and local places where people come together.

Here at the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) we believe everyone should have an equal share in their local community, but we know that this is not always the case.

People with learning disabilities can sometimes experience barriers to being included; local venues, activities and services are not always accessible, and people are not always made to feel welcome within their communities.

Yet, despite these barriers, people with learning disabilities are making a huge contribution to their communities, and are more visible and valued in their communities now than they have been in the past.

SCLD wants to celebrate the contribution of people with learning disabilities in their communities.

Learning Disability Week 2019 is an opportunity to share the stories of people with learning disabilities being ‘Active’, ‘Connected’ and ‘Included’ citizens. So let’s come together and share the experiences and opportunities that being part of a community presents for people with learning disabilities.

We want as many people as possible, from communities all across Scotland to get in touch with us to tell us about their communities, and how people with learning disabilities are involved in community life. As we get nearer Learning Disability Week, we will be asking you some questions about your community. We will share your stories across our website and social media channels throughout Learning Disability Week 2019.

If you have a learning disability and are involved in your local community, we want to hear from you! There will be more information coming soon about how you can share your community stories.

What can I do now?

Now is the time to save the week in your diary, and to start thinking about what you might do to get involved. You can also help us to let as many people as possible know about the week by applying our handy Learning Disability Week themed designs to your social media channels and documents.

Use #LDWeek2019 in your posts to raise awareness and help us to keep all news related to the week in one place!


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Find out more about our community theme here.

Get Involved packs

We have distributed a limited number of free ‘Get Involved’ packs across Scotland, however our Get Involved packs are no longer available to order.

This year’s pack combines useful tips on how to make the most of Learning Disability Week in your local community, with fun freebies that will help you get together, spread the word and make an impact. You can download the key information from the Get Involved pack in the downloads section above.

Please let us know what activities and events you are planning for Learning Disability Week by filling in our web form on the Share your plans page.

competition winner Stephen Dickson holds up his original unicorn drawing and the unicorn mascot design and smiles

Mascot competition winner Stephen Dickson

Introducing our new mascot! 

As part of last year’s Learning Disability Week we ran a competition to design a mascot to support Learning Disability Week 2019 and beyond. The winning design was a unicorn, drawn by Stephen Dickson who was presented with an art box at last year’s Learning Disability Awards. Stephen’s design has been developed into ‘Uno the Unicorn’ – our new Learning Disability Week mascot!

Find out more about Uno here